Welcome to my website!
I'm trying to collect most of my activities here on this website - you can find here my released or upcoming games, and also any new available assets for other developers :)

First, something about me - I'm mostly game developer of PC/mobile games in Unity and as self-publisher I'm kind of interested in all things related to game development. From time to time I like to spend some time in Blender and make some 3D assets :)
My work
in the gaming industry I'm working as 3D artist in SCS Software and in my free time I develop games with my team Lightning Soft which I founded many years ago.

Our most popular games include 3x64 released on PC and Android, Warped Times game series or highscore minigame Hunger of Darkness. You can find more info about single games in section My work or on the official website.
My favorite games
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