There you can find some games made by me or together with my team Lightning Soft. I will try to describe some small information about development for every game here :)
Released games
Planned games
Web projects
Canceled projects
3x64 (2019)
Puzzle 3-match game with four directions and also our first game on the Steam, Play and iOS! The basic game was in deveopment for 9 months and now I continue with supporting by new updates and events. Released on PC, Android and iOS.

Your goal is the connecting blocks of the same colors on the constantly changing game board. Every direction of gravity has a unique active color - destroying blocks of the same color guarantees you one of many mighty powerups.

Gravity is changing faster and faster, and players should always be prepared for bigger challenges.

Warped Christmas (2015)
The ending minigame for Warped Times universe, and also the first game in 3D view and in Unity (all older projects were made in Game Maker). Part of the game was competition and the fastest players won the Collector's edition of Warped Times 3.

The goal of the game is help Jesus Claus hand out all the gifts, all in the shortest time. You can try to reach highest score in online highscore table!
Chickendemic (2015)
Chickendemic was created for 72 hours game jam on Gamejolt and placed at 71st place out of total 367 games.

Save the planet from evil chickens, using your glorious helicopter. Then compare your highscores with the entire world. Prove yourself worthy of becoming the best chicken killer the world has ever met!

Warped Times: Pres3nt (2014)
So far our biggest released game. The adventure platformer with 45 unique levels and many puzzle/action minigames. The story is continuing when the second Warped Times ended.

I'm still satisfied with level design and story, but the game have unfortunately quite bad technical condition for current standards, so I'm thinking about remake for several years :)

Game is divided in levels where your goal is to connect two pieces of stone. Each level has two worlds, between which you can switch by special buttons. Most of the time, each piece of stone is in different world, but you can move them into another world by teleports.